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New Hope for East Hamilton, Ontario
1429 Main S. East Hamilton, Ontario

Sundays - Coffee at 10am - Worship Service: 10:30am


What should I expect on a Sunday morning?

From 10:00 onwards, there are coffee, tea, and treats available in the common room, just inside the front doors of the Perkins Centre. We worship on the right side of the common room, and while we snack and drink, the people who are leading worship that day might be practicing a few songs. We sit around circular tables because we like the informal family atmosphere. Around 10:30 we’ll start the service, often with announcements or a few songs. Then one of the members of our speaking team will give a message from the Bible. It’s not exactly the same every week, but we’ll usually close with some songs and then hang around for a bit and chat.

Dress casually.  We also frequently serve in our community on a Sunday morning so you can expect that there will be times when we gather for coffee and a short devotion and then get outside to serve.

Where will my kids be during the worship service?

We have a table set up for kids with colouring books that they can use during the service. We also have a nursery for children aged 0-3. We love it when our kids play instruments or dance during the songs, so there’s some space and instruments for them to do that too. There is Sunday School about every other Sundays from September-June. 


Is the worship service accessible?

Absolutely! It’s very important to us that everyone be included in our community life, including during the worship service. There’s an accessible bathroom right near the common room as well.

Do I have to be a Christian to show up?

Nope! Come as you are. We try to explain terms that we use that might be more familiar to Christians, but let us know if there’s something that you don’t understand. We’re blessed to be a blessing, not to shut people out.

I hear you don’t have a pastor. How does that work?

Instead of having a pastor, we have various teams like the leadership team, speaking team, worship team, etc., all made up of volunteers from the congregation. It’s important to us that our vision and activities always be determined by community consensus and that everyone looks out for everyone else.


*But... as of April 2016 we have begun the process of discerning whether to hire some paid staff. Our church community is growng and we're looking at various options. Stay tuned. The conversation continues.

How often do you take communion?

Every 4-6 weeks.


How can I stay in the loop about what’s happening at New Hope?

You can sign up for our email list by contacting any member of the leadership team. We send out weekly prayer requests, as well as the occasional announcement. Alternatively you can join the conversation on Facebook.

How does the New Hope community spend time together outside of Sunday worship?


In the summer time we see one another regularly through our individual involvement with Crown Point Youth Soccer.

The rest of the year many of us can be found across the road from the Perkins Centre at New Hope Community Bikes, at a Crown Point Neighbourhood Planning Team Meeting or having a meal together. We enjoy potlucks and community building together.


In that spirit, we also form study groups every year. Sometimes we gather to study a book of the Bible or other books that can give direction and energy to our journeys as Christians. Other times we gather over our hobbies, such as sewing, cooking etc. Use the Contact Us page to find out what's happening each season.


Ultimately, we enjoy serving in the community. That's what defines our community. We want to see east Hamilton flourish and prosper. That's how we spend our time and energy together outside of Sunday worship.


Which denomination does New Hope belong to?


We belong to the Christian Reformed Church.



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Join us on a Sunday Morning at the Perkins Centre for Coffee at 10am and Worship at 10:30am.

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New Hope Church - Hamilton, Ontario

New Hope Church is a community of people who care deeply for East Hamilton.  We are being changed by the grace and power of God’s love and want to make that visible through our life, our words and our actions.  We seek to participate with God in restoring and renewing hope in the homes and neighbourhoods of the east end of Hamilton.