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New Hope for East Hamilton, Ontario
1429 Main S. East Hamilton, Ontario

Sundays - Coffee at 10am - Worship Service: 10:30am

Our History

In 2005 a small group of people with a heart for East Hamilton started meeting in a church planter’s living room on Sunday evenings, and New Hope was born. About 40 people from First Christian Reformed Church in downtown Hamilton initially joined, and many of the members packed up and moved into East Hamilton. To love our neighbours, we figured we had to know them. 

In 2008, New Hope officially launched, with a few staff members and a pastor. Since then, we have had various homes, including a storefront on Main Street and the basement of Delta United Church.

One of the first activities that New Hope rallied around was a Neigbourhood Association for the Crown Point Community. New Hope members are still deeply involved. Another important outreach ministry has been New Hope Bikes, founded by a couple of guys from the congregation.

2010 was a big year for New Hope as the community decided to try out a lay leadership model. Instead of having a pastor, we have a leadership team, speaking team, worship team etc. It’s important to us that our vision and activities always be determined by community consensus and that everyone looks out for everyone else.

New Hope’s love for East Hamilton took on bricks and mortar in late 2011, when we moved into the newly renovated Perkins Centre at 1429 Main Street East. Originally known as the Driftwood Tavern, a name that has stuck for many locals, the building had fallen on hard times along with the neighbourhood. It had been shut-down and re-opened many times for illegal activity. In its most recent life, the building was the Jamrock, a shady bar that was often visited by police cruisers. Once known to be a very dark place, the building is now a place where family, friends, and neighbours join together to worship God. 

This is just the beginning of our story. We’ve learned plenty since 2005 and we’ve met in houses and stores and church basements, but one thing that has not changed is our desire to see East Hamilton flourish.

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Join us on a Sunday Morning at the Perkins Centre for Coffee at 10am and Worship at 10:30am.

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New Hope Church - Hamilton, Ontario

New Hope Church is a community of people who care deeply for East Hamilton.  We are being changed by the grace and power of God’s love and want to make that visible through our life, our words and our actions.  We seek to participate with God in restoring and renewing hope in the homes and neighbourhoods of the east end of Hamilton.