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New Hope for East Hamilton, Ontario
1429 Main S. East Hamilton, Ontario

Sundays - Coffee at 10am - Worship Service: 10:30am

Our Leadership Teams

Leadership at New Hope Church

leadership jeffJeff:


Focus: Mission & Vision

Jeff is the Leadership Team’s point person for Vision and Mission. He examines what our focus is as a community. Jeff also tackles the governance of the Leadership Team and reviews policies for decision making. He serves as a liaision with New Hope Community Bikes, the Christian Reformed Denomination and the Finance Team.


leadership lenaLena:


Focus: Admin & Communication with the congregation

Lena and her family began worshipping at New Hope several years ago after planting roots in the east end. When her children began attending the neighbourhood school, she and her husband decided they wanted to participate in a neighbourhood church and found a warm community in New Hope; a group of individuals connected through faith and willing to be genuine, vulnerable and compassionate with one another.


Mark VanderherbergMark:

Mark stumbled upon New Hope one beautiful Spring day four years ago as he was shopping for a bike at New Hope Community Bikes. He is a very dedicated and committed husband, father and friend. Mark is self-employed and loves working with his hands. He is excited to serve and give back to his community after having experienced such love and support from his community through a difficult year. Mark lives in the east end of Hamilton with his wife and twin daughters.


Speaking Team

leadership-team-new-hope-churchEvery week a different member of this team helps us to think through what it means to be “New Hope for East Hamilton.” We draw on the Bible (God’s written word) and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives to learn about what it means to follow Jesus in our world.


Worship Planning Team

We organize service worship Sundays, operate the PowerPoint, make sure the sound is working, sing, play guitar, drums, violin, piano, recorder...we make everything happen on a Sunday morning.

Pastoral Care Team

The members of the Pastoral Care Team provide encouragement, guidance and support for the New Hope community, especially during times of difficulty. 

 Tim Brand

 Sylvia Harris

 Abraham Madrandele

 Maria Neven

 Pearl Wiebe

Marc Ysselstein (not pictured)

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Join us on a Sunday Morning at the Perkins Centre for Coffee at 10am and Worship at 10:30am.

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New Hope Church - Hamilton, Ontario

New Hope Church is a community of people who care deeply for East Hamilton.  We are being changed by the grace and power of God’s love and want to make that visible through our life, our words and our actions.  We seek to participate with God in restoring and renewing hope in the homes and neighbourhoods of the east end of Hamilton.