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New Hope Bikes

Where did the dream for New Hope Community Bikes come from?

We wanted a way to bless the neighbourhood. Lots of people in East Hamilton ride bikes out of necessity. We decided fixing bikes would be a good way to meet our neighbours and to bless the city. 

How did it get started?

In 2006 we had our first bike repair community outreach at First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church (CRC). Hamilton had hosted the World Cycling Championships the year before, and the CRC had just done a cross-country fundraising bike tour, so cycling had momentum in the city. MACycle Co-op was there to help us out, along with the Police Bike Unit. And it grew from there! (See more history below)

What gets you most excited about the bike shop?

The restoration of bikes ends up leading to the restoration of lives, including my own. I love seeing people building relationships by pursuing a shared interest. New Hope Community Bikes makes the community better off—bikes are both environmentally-friendly and cost-effective.

What is the relationship between New Hope Bikes and New Hope Church?

While they’re legally separate entities, the bike shop and the church have a close relationship and many people are involved in both. In fact, if I look around on a Sunday morning at church, I can point out lots of people who came to New Hope through the bike shop. It’s a fantastic opportunity to give back and build relationships. Both started out as a ministry of First Hamilton and there’s always someone from New Hope Church on the board of the bike shop.

Who painted that beautiful mural on the wall outside the shop?

A friend of ours, Tyler Van Hulst. Thanks Tyler!

What are the challenges going forward?

We have a lot of opportunities, but we have to figure out which ones to pursue. The challenge is sustainable growth. Getting used bikes is becoming more difficult because the prices are way up on sites like Kijiji recently. And of course maintaining a tight relationship with New Hope CRC and other churches is an ongoing goal.

What else does the bike shop do, besides refurbishing and selling old bikes and doing repairs?

We have a lot of partnerships with local organizations, especially public health ones. For example, we partner with a helmet initiative, giving out free helmets. We do bike safety trainings in schools and we have certified some people to be Can-Bike safety instructors.

You can find out more at our website:

A bit of history...

2006: First bike repair and community outreach event at First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church (CRC). 

2007: Two free bike tune-up events in parks in the east end.  

2008: New Hope Church was launched. It did (and still does) monthly service worship instead of having a worship service. Bike repair became a fixture of this monthly event. New Hopers would bring tools and tune bikes as they passed by the store-front church. 2008 is also the year that Sid Slotegraaf, who would become a big part of our team, showed up at New Hope Bikes.

 2009: We bought tools with the assistance of a grant from the Hunter Street Group at First Hamilton. 

2010: A grant from Service Canada Hire a Summer Student enabled us to hire Sid part-time to run the program in a more significant way. We ran a stall at the Ottawa Street Farmers Market on Fridays and Saturdays.

Also in 2010, 400 bikes were donated by Jarvis CRC and Listowel CRC. Homestead Christian Care allowed us to use the dance floor of their recently acquired building (soon to become the Perkins Centre). We would fix bikes on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

When renovations started at the Perkins Centre, we moved across the street, to the building beside our current location. When we first got started in the new location, we had some unexpected company: lots of rats! And there was no heat.

2011: In September, we moved back into the Perkins Centre. But we didn’t have the space there for people to come hang out with us, and at core we wanted New Hope Bikes to be a place that built relationships.

2013: We moved into our current location at 1422 Main Street East.

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Join us on a Sunday Morning at the Perkins Centre for Coffee at 10am and Worship at 10:30am.

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